Stephanie Avalos

Chief of Staff to the CEO

Over the past year and a half Stephanie has been a stay-at-home mom for her 3 kids.  Previously she has worked in the Hospitality Industry, and has always had a passion for helping others succeed in their goals.

When not working and spending time with family, she enjoys swimming, hiking, going to the park and adventures with the family making memorable experiences.

Favorite Organize 365 product: the Friday Corporate Workbox

Favorite podcast: My favorite is Organizing Kid’s Art and Schoolwork.  I have collected so many papers, pictures and crafts over the years and only have so much storage space.  When Lisa talked about a monthly board to display their work and creations it changed my whole outlook on how to keep all the precious memories for me. 

Favorite guilty pleasure: Cheeseburger with swiss, mushrooms and BBQ sauce!!!!

Next pink slash pocket goal: Redo the basement and create a space for the kids to have as their own!

Brayden Banks

Warehouse Team Lead 

Brayden joined the Organize 365 team in early 2021 as a warehouse team member. He appreciates being a part of the team and is devoted to making sure each product is ready to go, just for you. Brayden works closely with Joey W. and, just like him, strives to improve warehouse quality and efficiency. 

Favorite Organize 365 Product: The portable Sunday Basket® because it helps me keep my life in order. A close second would be a tie between the sweatshirts or candles :) 

Favorite Hobbies: Running and traveling.

Shari Banks

Shipping Manager

Shari Banks joined our team in July 2020 as a Customer Success and Fulfillment Specialist. She loves helping customers of Organize 365 with any questions they have.

Shari has been a stay-at-home mother of 5 children with occasional part-time work in administrative areas. When not attending her childrens' sporting & school events, she enjoys spending time with family and friends while hiking, running with her dogs, volunteering at church, and learning to crochet. Shari's favorite Organize 365 product is the Sunday Basket!®

Sue Carey


Sue is a full-charge bookkeeper with over 20 years experience in small business accounting. Sue loves playing with other people’s money.

Favorite Organize 365 product: 100 Day Home Organization Program

Favorite podcast episode: Why the Magic Art of Tidying Doesn’t Work for American Women

Favorite guilty pleasure: Watching any version of Jane Austen’s books turned into movies and listening to their soundtracks

Next pink slash pocket goal: Scrapbook of my daughter’s engagement, bridal shower and wedding.

Pat Drybala

Executive Assistant to Lisa K Woodruff

Pat has shared her talents as an administrative professional in a variety of industries throughout her career, demonstrating excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as strong attention to detail, all while maintaining a positive attitude.

Favorite Organize 365 product: the Sunday Basket because that's where my journey with Lisa began. I especially love our Portable Sunday Basket®. I chose the black damask one!

Favorite podcast: My favorite is any where Lisa mentions a time when it was just the two of us doing #allthethings. It makes me look back at how much we've grown, not just as a company, but as individuals - both personally and professionally. And it reminds me how grateful I am to now be a part of such an incredible team.

Favorite guilty pleasure: Cheesecake. I love all kinds!

Next pink slash pocket goal: To spend more time paper crafting. And not just stamping cards, but mailing them too!

Emily Hare

Customer and Website Success Specialist

Emily joined the Dream Team in August 2020. She is overjoyed to work in such a positive and uplifting space and to share that energy with the Organize 365® community!

Emily graduated from Wright State University, and is a seasoned cat mom of 3. When she's not at work, Emily loves keeping up with her personal reading goals, watching documentaries, and trying new dinner recipes. Her guilty pleasures are reality television, Stardew Valley, and gas station slushies. She loves interacting with Organize 365® customers and working to make our products and programs accessible to all!

Monique Horb

Director of the Certification Program

Monique is a Professional Organizer who helps women gain more time, energy, and money with home organization, time management, and productivity transformation through in-home sessions, workshops, and virtual coaching.

Favorite Organize 365 product: The Sunday Basket® of course!

Favorite podcast: Episode 249: Manifesting Your Organization & Episode 252: Endurance Means NOT Stopping

Favorite guilty pleasure: Chocolate and peanut butter

Next pink slash pocket goal: My personal health - I just joined the Faster Way to Weight Loss (YIKES!)

Emily Kelly

Director of Marketing

Emily is a sales and marketing professional specializing in business development and strategic marketing planning with over twenty years of demonstrated success growing revenue for businesses in a broad range of markets.

Favorite Organize 365 product: Save Your Story Photo Program

Favorite podcast: Episode 216: In My Top 5: Emily Kelly – My Sister

Favorite guilty pleasure: Pinot Noir

Next pink slash pocket goal: My Kitchen Renovation Project

Shona Miklautsch

Director of Customer and Website Success

Through Shona’s love of details and working behind the scenes, she is excited to work on projects that have a lasting and positive impact on women and their households.

Favorite Organize 365 product: My Sunday Basket!®

Favorite podcast: Episode 306: Applying Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to Your Organizing Journey

Favorite guilty pleasure: Cake from the BonBonerie

Next pink slash pocket goal: I love studying and learning about personalities (especially through the lens of the Enneagram), so my next pink slash pocket goal is to put together some type of reference binder to hold and organize all of the information and paper I've accumulated over the years.

Mary Nolan-Pleckham

Podcast and Content Team Lead

Mary is a registered nurse with experience in medical-surgical hematology oncology, cardiovascular ICU, and critical care outreach (RRT). EPIC electronic medical record (EMR) superuser and trainer in multiple hospital systems. She also has education and experience as clinical nurse educator teaching medical-surgical nursing and critical care nursing. Mary co-authored The Paper Solution with Lisa and handles all copy writing and social media scheduling for Organize 365.

Favorite Organize 365 product: Portable Sunday Basket® - I juggle three jobs at a time, and it is so helpful to keep all of my papers organized on the go!

Favorite podcast: Episode 196: 24 Hour Rule - I love to learn and try new things, and it was so helpful to think about setting limits on pursuing new ideas.

Favorite guilty pleasure: I love to sit in a quiet house and read a great fiction book.

Next pink slash pocket goal: My next writing challenge. 😊

Vanessa Nordmark

Director of Operations 

Vanessa thrives working in a team environment, learning new things and taking on new challenges. She has a passion for working on projects that benefit others in making lasting positive changes that impact those around them.

Favorite Organize 365 product: Sunday Basket®

Favorite podcast episode: Episode 310: Ditch Your To Do List

Favorite guilty pleasure: Ghirardelli Caramel Turtle Brownies

Next Pink slash pocket goal: Refinish a piece of furniture

Michelle Paradice

Community Team Leader

Michelle is primarily responsible for maintaining the Organize 365 main e-mail inbox.
She works with a customer service team to prove our customers with the best service in the business. She manages and maintains multiple Facebook groups. She shares responsibility to run the Sunday Basket Club on Sunday’s along with one our certified professional organizers. She also works at Boston University in their IT Department full time.

Favorite Organize 365 product: the Sunday Basket®

Favorite podcast: ...ooh I have so many but definitely Golden Windows. That one just really struck me. I also really loved Episode 316 - Solving the Problem For Good. I know that she talks about her hair a lot but I have huge issues with my hair because I straighten it so it really jumped out at me and I have kind of solved it but as long as mine grows it will never be solved unless I embrace my curls and I have not yet. The curly hair represented a terrible piece of my life for many years...

Favorite guilty pleasure: Pizza

Next pink slash pocket goal: Planning an 11 day Mediterranean cruise with my mom for her 70th. birthday and my 45th. Greece, Italy and Croatia and ending it with a few days in Italy so I can take a cooking class…..

Amy Proffitt

Organize 365 Brand Manager

Amy is a graphics design artist specializing in corporate design with over a decade of experience. Her background in architecture brings a unique perspective to her visions.

Favorite Organize 365 product: Portable Sunday Basket®

Favorite podcast: Episode 281: Decluttering Negative Thoughts

Favorite guilty pleasure: Binging silly teen drama shows on netflix/hulu

Next pink slash pocket goal: Research selfie circles

Joey Woodruff

Fulfillment & Multimedia

Joey brings his talents to the Supply Chain & Multimedia position and is responsible for supporting Organize 365’s supply chain and logistics strategy. He strives to maximize process efficiency, safety, quality, and productivity for the brand aesthetic of Organize 365 in media. 

Favorite Organize 365 product: Sunday Basket®

Favorite guilty pleasure: Playing video games

Next pink slash pocket goal: Work more with video and photography for Organize 365!