489 – Becoming a Student of Organization

Becoming a student of organization
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489 - Becoming a Student of Organization

Would you happen to know your preferred learning style?

If you don’t know your learning style, think back to your highest level of formal education. How did you make it through or study for tests? That’s likely your preferred learning style. You may find that you use more than one learning style, but you have a natural bent toward one of them. There are four main learning styles:
  1. Auditory
  2. Kinesthetic
  3. Visual
  4. Reading / Writing
In this episode, I’m sharing details about these four learning styles to help you figure out which one works best for you. Then, I was hoping you could use these learning styles to see your home (and your work) differently. Because I am a teacher at heart, I have created our systems at Organize 365® to work for any learning style. I explain some of the features of our products and how to make better use of those things from the perspective of your learning style. From podcasts to coworking times, from videos to written materials, I’ve given you the content in multiple formats to help you succeed in becoming organized. It’s your home! Focus on consuming and implementing new information in your preferred way of learning. Give yourself the grace to learn as an adult learner the way that you are uniquely wired to learn! How do you learn best? What features of Organize 365® programs and products work best for your learning style?
Becoming a Student of Organization
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