How Lisa Sees Time- Organize 365

by Lisa Woodruff

Sep 13, 2019 | Episode 300 | 37:18

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On to the show! For this week’s podcast, I really want to talk about one thing that has made all the difference in being able to be as productive as I am. It’s the way I look at time. I am running a company, renovating my house, homeschooling my daughter, visiting my son at college, sustaining my marriage, and I still have time left over.

An organized life gives you time. I want to teach you about how I came to view time in a unique way and share the way I currently understand time. For many people, time is an abstract concept and can be a struggle for many people to understand the passage of time.

Understanding time ensures that you know how long different kinds of tasks take to complete. It helps you understand how time passes and how to schedule time for your life. When you understand time, you have time for pre-task preparation, clean up afterwards, and transportation to and from your events. 

When you follow my method for understanding time, you will improve your focus. This will mean that you can finally get your home organized, or move your business into profitability, or have rooms for your other dreams and priorities. Changing your mindset about time will mean that you can schedule your time, improve your organization, and increase your productivity. 

After I learned how to manage my own schedule via time blocking, I also learned how to manage other people to have them take some of my house tasks off of my plate. And then, I used those same skills to grow my team here at Organize 365. Adding on other people allowed me to increase my capacity. I could give directions and oversee them, but I was freed up from physically doing tasks.

Here are some prior episodes where I share my own learning about how to delegate tasks to others. I like to say that I get my machines and people working first thing in the morning, and then, I do my tasks for the day. I have also included some episodes that help you batch your tasks into time blocks to make your work more productive.

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