Decluttering Madness Week 2: The Family Room

by Lisa Woodruff

Mar 10, 2017 | Episode 157 | 25:40

The first step in organizing the family room is to stop and think about what you really do in this space.

When can you realistically move the kids' toys out of the family room?

Steps to Organizing The Family Room

1. Pick up all trash.
2. Collect all food, dishes, and dirty laundry.
3. Scan the room and fill a bag of any easily donatable items.
4. Go through all the storage spaces and declutter.
5. Have each family member pick ONE hobby to have in the family room. {The rest need to go in their bedrooms.}
6. On Sunday, clean up ALL hobbies and go back to ONE per family member.

Individual Decluttering Madness Sheet

Don't forget to download the family and individual brackets to play along.

Download Printable

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