Decluttering Madness Week 3: The Basement & Storage Room

by Lisa Woodruff

Mar 17, 2017 | Episode 159 | 18:27

Decluttering The Basement & Storage Room

No one wants to go down here, I know.

If you haven't listened to the "How To Sort A Box" podcast, I have it right here for you.

Ok, the basement.

In this space, you need a leader who will direct the family, usually mom.

The leader goes down and starts sorting boxes and items into family members' piles. And then each family member {one at a time} will come down, make decisions, and carry the donations up.


Preparation is KEY here! The more the leader prepares, the quicker the decisions go and the more gets donated.

There is no denying that basements, attics, and storage rooms ZAP energy and are the HARDEST areas to organize!

Everything is down there because you don't know what to do with it. ;)

So pace yourself. Each bag and box donated is a HUGE win!

Keep going. You can do this!

Individual Decluttering Madness Sheet

Don't forget to download the family and individual brackets to play along.

Download Printable

View the get started post for "rules." :)

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