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396 – Discovering YOU: Curating Your Life with Gail Golden

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
396 - Discovering YOU: Curating Your Life with Gail Golden

This is part four of a four-part podcast series on discovering YOU. This week, I will be talking with you about how to curate your life with Gail Golden. Gail is a management psychologist who helps businesses build better leaders. She helps to create powerful interventions and boost the bottom line.

So far, you have learned how you think and get something done. You now also know how to follow your energy and trust your intuition. Then, we covered how to create and trust your plan – for a day, a week, or a season.

I invited Gail to the podcast this week to share knowledge from her new book Curating Your Life: Ending the Struggle for Work-Life Balance.

I want to introduce her to the Organize 365 audience. We are all on a journey from a reactive to a productive life. Everything we organize gives us more time, and some women now have 12-15 hours a week and are wondering “Now what?”

Gail shares how she has figured out what she is doing next, and how she is curating her next season of life.

Gail recommends The Power of Full Engagement. She shares how instead of asking “Do I have time for that?” she asks herself “Do I want to spend energy on that?” For Gail, the management of energy is how she makes decisions about how to spend her time and her life.

Gail shares how many of her clients feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and inadequate most of the time. She also noticed that people never seemed to develop a work-life balance – at least until they curated their life. There are things that matter, but are not important, so we can just do them good enough. This leaves energy left over for the things you want to be great at.

Lisa and Gail talk about how to increase your energy, and even your energy capacity. Organizing your space means you don’t waste energy looking for things. Knowing yourself and awareness of your energy means you can manage your energy by selecting environments that give us energy. Also – sleep, water, a healthy diet, and regular breaks can all contribute to our optimum energy levels. No matter what we do – our energy capacity is finite. This means, we still need to make decisions about how to spend our energy.

They also talk about mid-life re-curating. Sometimes life happens to you and something changes (divorce, COVID, job loss). Other times, we have changed and we recognize that we need something different in our lives and we elect to re-curate and make choices about our next steps in life. The theme of re-curating honors that our earlier choices were right for us at the time, but do not have to be followed forever.

Gail also gifts us by exposing the “obnoxious roommate” in our heads that speaks against every decision we make. You know that voice! If you stay home with your family, the voice asks why you are not at work. If you stay home, the voice asks why you “wasted” college or are not contributing more to the world. Gail calls that roommate out and gives advice for talking back to that cruel voice and ensuring that our decisions about what to curate reflect what is best for us.

Gail also shares some incredible insights on how we live out our curation as social creatures. When we curate our lives, we do so in the context of many relationships. Listen in for her amazing explanation of how to balance individual needs with those you love.

We finish up by talking about how to manage our energy as we begin to re-enter the world after COVID. Gail gives some great questions for each of us to consider as we figure out what things to reincorporate into our lives, and what things are no longer best for us and can be left in the past. Listen in and see what you are called to curate in your life.

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