Emily Kelly: What Happened With the Dream Job – Part 1

Emily Kelly
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Emily Kelly: What Happened With the Dream Job - Part 1
On the Wednesday podcast, I talk with the Organize 365­® community members as they share the challenges, progress, missteps, and triumphs along their organizing journey. You can see and hear transformation in action. I look forward to helping YOU learn the skill of organization, too! I’m excited to welcome back my sister, Emily Kelly, to the podcast. The Organize 365® community has much anticipated this. And I was waiting for the perfect time for her to tell her story. Emily Kelly worked for Organize 365® for about five years. When I last interviewed her on the podcast, she embarked on a new adventure. She had found what she believed to be her DREAM JOB. This is a three-part series where we will get all the details on Emily’s journey since she left Organize 365®, but you will also get an in-depth look at the relationship between Emily and me. Sibling relationships are unique because this is likely the longest relationship you will have in your life. Longer than your parents, spouse, children, and friends. You and your sibling(s) are in a unique position and have experienced things together that will forever be an experience shared between you and them. Emily experienced some very unexpected life events. And one of the lessons that she had learned during her time at Organize 365® kept her going in the right direction. Grace. Give it freely to yourself and others.  Flash forward to today, and we find Emily, a new version of herself, ready to share the broken road that led her to exactly where she needs to be. But you will hear more about that in Part 3. EPISODE RESOURCES: I am grateful you are reaching out to share your stories and progress with me and the Organize 365® community. If you can share your story with us, please apply at https://organize365.com/wednesday/. Did you enjoy this episode? Please leave a rating and review in your favorite podcast app. Share this episode with a friend, and tag Organize 365® when you share on social media!
Emily Kelly - What Happened With the Dream Job - Part 1
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