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365 – Organize 365 Mission, Vision, Values and 3 Year Picture

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
365 - Organize 365 Mission, Vision, Values and 3 Year Picture

Welcome to the EPIC 365th Podcast Episode! For Podcast Episode 365, I want to share The Organize 365 Mission, Vision, and Values. I will also be sharing our Vivid Vision for the next 3 years!

Our Mission

Organize 365® empowers individuals to learn the functional skills of home and paper organization so that they have time to pursue their passions and share their innate talents with the world.

Back in Spring 2017, I started to realize that Organize 365 was becoming bigger than me. I needed to build a team to see my vision for the future of the company materialize. I hired 7 people in 7 weeks, and we began to work towards the 3 year goals I set back then. In those three years, we have created and sold a physical Sunday Basket®, binders, and a traditionally published book The Paper Solution.

The mission statement I wrote back in 2017 is still the foundation of the service we provide today, though it has been expanded a bit over the years. In the podcast, I share my mission, vision, and values with you directly.

We have achieved all of the practical, actionable goals I set back in 2017, and today I am sharing where I see Organize 365 going over the next three years. I want you to know exactly how we will be improving the customer journey, how we will continue to refine and add value to the lifetime programs you have already purchased, and the new content we will be creating to continue to help you achieve home and paper organization.

I have always envisioned Organize 365 as an educational and transformational company. You come to Organize 365 when you need to learn how to get organized. As your teacher, I can ensure that you can really truly learn the skill of getting organized, reduce the number of hours it takes to organize and maintain your home, and have your house be a haven that does not talk back to you, so you are free to get out there and do what you are uniquely created to do. I look forward to helping YOU get organized!

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