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The Paper Solution - How to Organize Past, Present & Future Monies

by Lisa Woodruff

Aug 21, 2020 | Episode 349 | 15:24

The Paper Solution - Financial Organizing Binder

In The Paper Solution, I teach you how to ditch your file cabinet and replace it with portable, functional binders for reference papers. The Paper Solution will tell you how to set up your binders, gives you access to sample printables, and gives you a list of what to include in each of the binders I recommend you create. 

The Financial Organizing Binder

In full honesty, this is last binder I made for myself, but it was probably the most important binder I made. Money can be a tricky and emotional topic, so give yourself grace if you are new to this topic. I help as the executor of both my grandmother and my father, and I saw what a blessing it is to the people you love to have your financial papers in order and organized. 

The Financial Organizing Binder is meant to keep track of past purchases and closed loans, current bill pay checklists and active accounts, and dreams for the future with retirement accounts and some celebration of life (funeral) information. It is meant to be a help to your family, or you can use it when you need to settle someone else's estate. 

The Financial Organizing Binder allows you to keep your past, present, and future finances together in a portable and organized system. For details on what to include in your binder, listen to the podcast and then check out page 196 of The Paper Solution