348 – The Paper Solution – Saving your Medical History

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348 - The Paper Solution - Saving your Medical History

The Paper Solution – Medical Organizing Binder

In The Paper Solution, I teach you how to ditch your file cabinet and replace it with portable, functional binders for reference papers. The Paper Solution will tell you how to set up your binders, give you access to sample printables, and give you a list of what to include in each of the binders I recommend you create.

The Medical Organizing Binder

Before my father passed away, I was his power of attorney for health care. I was doing my best, but I did not know his medical history, diagnosis, or even his medications. I started out writing down information on scraps of paper, but I was traveling several hours between my home and his, and it was hard to keep it organized. Having test and lab results recorded in an organized way helps me to feel less anxious and more informed.

Every medical measurement has a range of normal – temperature, weight, and even lab results. The same illness can cause different symptoms for different people. Knowing how your body responds to any kind of illness and what symptoms indicate how sick you are, can help you understand what treatment you need.

The Medical Organizing Binder keeps track of your diagnosis, family history, and what is normal for you (or for the person you care for). Everything I and the medical team could want to know about my children is organized in one place. And, in the US, we have digital medical records, but they are not kept indefinitely and they do not always transfer between providers (sometimes they are completely inaccessible as they use different software systems). The Medical Organizing Binder allows you to keep a complete personal medical history in a portable and organized system. For details on what to include in your binder, listen to the podcast and then check out page 209 of The Paper Solution.

Try out a sample FREE mini Emergency Medical Binder printable. Feel free to share this link with family, friends, and co-workers!

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