368 – My 2021 – Sunday Basket – Pink Slash Pockets

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368 - My 2021 - Sunday Basket - Pink Slash Pockets

Happy New Year 2021! We did it! We made it through 2020! When I look back on 2020, there is of course the pandemic, and all of the things that were unexpected, not desirable, and even terrible. But, there were also great things that happened in 2020.

In 2020, we did a lot of pivoting, adjusting, and adapting. Organize 365 moved to a bigger warehouse and hired more full-time staff members. As a family, we had family members home at different times and came out ok.

As I look forward to 2021, it feels really hard to plan and set goals. The first quarter of 2021, is not going to be the best time of (most) of our lives. But, once we are safe at home, we are mostly in control of what happens inside our home, our mindset, and our planning for that. When I reflect on 2020, my core personality and gifts did not change, but my habits changed drastically.

When the pandemic first arrived, I filled my days with work. As the year went on, I was able to return to the rhythm of working mostly during work hours, but I filled my free time with habits that were not serving me. Those habits were wasting two to four hours of my day (and I’ll tell you all about them in the next three podcasts). But, you need a proactive plan when removing less useful habits from your life. My Pink slash pockets remind me to make time for hobbies and relationships that are important to me.

When I looked at the Pink slash pockets in my Sunday Basket® the other day, I realized I had not changed them at all during the pandemic. I had pockets for travel and restaurant dates with Greg. I did not want the pandemic to interfere with these dreams and goals, so I kept them throughout all of 2020.

As I look at the next 120 days (the first of my 3 new years in a calendar year), I will likely not be traveling or eating in a restaurant. My heart goes out to those industries and the very hard season they are still experiencing.

I was resistant to changing my pink slash pockets, and that meant that I limited my own hobbies and interests to just jigsaw puzzles. I definitely enjoyed doing lots of puzzles, and do not plan to stop enjoying them in 2021. But, I do want to incorporate new pink slash pockets for myself.

I am saving my former Pink slash pockets for now, but I am starting some new projects in the next 120 days. Listen in and I will share my new possibilities for my free time and self-improvement projects for January through April of 2021.

What do you want your first 120 days of 2021 to look like? Start to dream about the different ways you can possibly use your time, and when the time presents itself, you can jump into one of your possible projects!

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