Pursuing a PhD: Speed Reading & Getting Glasses Week 11

Pursuing a phd
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Pursuing a PhD: Speed Reading & Getting Glasses Week 11
When someone tells you what to do, and they have experience – you should probably listen to them. Someone in the know told me to check my eyes before starting my Ph.D. I didn’t. I felt confident that my over-the-counter readers were just fine. Well, here I am in Week 11 with new glasses!  In this episode, I share two things I learned this week through my Ph.D. journey:
  • It would be best to have the proper tools when doing anything. A Ph.D. is so reading intensive that you need to check your eyes! 
  • Speed reading allows you to take in a lot of information, but details matter in the Ph.D. program. I started using a ruler to read and highlight!
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