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Stephanie Fowler

Stephanie Fowler
Organize 365 Podcast
Stephanie Fowler
On the Wednesday podcast, I talk with the Organize 365­® community members as they share the challenges, progress, missteps, and triumphs along their organizing journey. You can see and hear transformation in action. I look forward to helping YOU learn the skill of organization, too! This month we have been talking to women about how women in their 30s are getting it done. Stephanie, the Founder of Austin Fowler, represents women not working from home. She began her career as a corporate executive before she left to continue to grow the company she founded with her husband, Vince. She and Vince have four kids, 11, 9 (twins), and 6. She worked from home for the last couple of years but got physical space the previous Spring, and she is back working in an office. She enjoyed working from home but realized she needed more thinking and planning time and has since moved into a physical office space. She moved to a condensed schedule, Monday to Thursday, available for meetings and in the office with Fridays off, to give her the ability to have some parts of being a stay-at-home mom. She has never been able to work on just Austin Fowler entirely, so she has found time-saving activities. Her time is complete with her own business and a family of 6, so she must plan and prepare for her weeks and weekends. She is very disciplined and uses her Sunday Basket® and Friday Workbox® to plan while using her bags to pack and prepare. Listen in to find out what works well for Stephanie and her family during this season of growing children and a growing business. EPISODE RESOURCES: I am grateful you are reaching out to share your stories and progress with me and the Organize 365® community. If you can share your story with us, please apply at Did you enjoy this episode? Please leave a rating and review in your favorite podcast app. Share this episode with a friend, and tag Organize 365® when you share on social media!
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