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508 – The Future of Executive Function Research As It Relates to ADHD

Future of executive function research
Organize 365 Podcast
508 - The Future of Executive Function Research As It Relates to ADHD

What’s next for research at Organize 365®? Now that I’ve learned that I have ADHD, I’m ready to dive deeper into this topic of executive function and organization with formal research.

Five areas of executive function involve organization:

  1. Initiating – getting started
  2. Working Memory – holding information
  3. Planning – planning ahead
  4. Monitoring – knowing what needs to be done next
  5. Organizing Materials – organizing your home

I believe that you can impact and change your executive functioning by learning the skill of organization so you can have more time to do what you’re uniquely created to do. At Organize 365® we have programs, systems, and products to help you in each of these areas.

In this episode, I explain where I am going next and the massive decision that I have made to take the next step. I’ve talked about doing it for years, but finally, in January of 2023, I will begin a one-year program that will lead me into a Ph.D. program.

No one else will do this research for me. If we are going to take on this project as a company, I want to be the one not just leading the team, but leading the research. To do that, I have to have a Ph.D.

I’ve already been rearranging my schedule and preparing myself, my family, and my team for what this will look like. I’m dividing my week into three parts so my family, my company, and my studies all get the attention they need.

Come along with me on the journey!

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