The Process of Organizing your Storage Space with Michelle Paradice

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The Process of Organizing your Storage Space with Michelle Paradice

Meet Michelle. She’s the voice behind the mailbag introductions on the podcast and the Customer Service Team lead here at Organize 365®. Michelle is SO loved by the Organize 365® team and customers!

She got quite the surprise when I asked if I could come and organize her storage area and video it for The Productive Home Solution™!  You guys…my home is already SO organized, including my storage area.  I’ve already shown everyone in The Productive Home Solution my storage area too many times. It was time for me to tackle someone else’s storage room.

The progress we made in ONE DAY may seem unbelievable, but it is all very doable when you know the order of the tasks you need to complete to get organized!

Michelle picked me up at the airport and we got to work. Thank goodness we had a dumpster. We started by focusing on what could go in that dumpster.  We were able to tackle a tucked-away storage area with old shelving and her garage.

Michelle, who described the experience as “humbling”, almost had us pass on that tucked-away storage area. But looking back, that was the most rewarding space to get organized. We forced Michelle to focus on what we could get rid of first by repeatedly saying “You have the dumpster, we are here, what can go?” Then we focused on cleaning and reloading the storage area by zones.

Michelle said it felt like a 40-year-old weight had been lifted off her shoulders at the end of the day. Her mom (who also lives in the home) was so pleased with what we accomplished in one day.

When you listen to this episode, I want you to be inspired and know that you too can learn how to get an organized storage area and then go do it. Once you have it organized properly, it should stay organized for a very long time…if not forever.


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