A Year To Get Organized - Molly

by Lisa Woodruff

Jul 27, 2018 | Episode 239 | 48:52

Welcome to A Year To Get Organized - Molly edition. Come peek at a year in the life of Molly, a woman who has decided that she has had enough; it’s time to take back her life. In order to do so, she needs to get organized, and that means organizing her paper, organizing her house, and becoming more productive. She wants to free herself from the everyday responsibilities that she thought were solely hers to open herself up to her unique talent.

Meet Molly

Molly starts off like many of you did! She finds the Organize 365 Podcast and starts to binge it. (Fortunately for Molly, I’ve compiled the Where-To-Start podcasts in one single spot so you don’t have to dedicate 200+ hours to my voice!). She loves the Organize 365 systems, but thinks she can DIY it. After all, she used to be organized! She knows about organizing! This can’t be that hard!

She decides to go ahead with the Sunday Basket System in the summertime. She couldn’t find those slash pockets anywhere and was starting to realize it was easier to just go straight to the source. It works, and works beautifully. Molly has organized her household paper!

Molly hears that the 100 Day Home Organization Program is starting again. It sounds so wonderful, but it’s such an investment. She couldn’t possibly afford the time or money to do it. And yet, she looks around her house and sees how much time and money she is already spending inside a house that isn’t working. If she’s spending those 55 minutes a day just looking for things in her disorganized home, she could channel 15 minutes into solving that problem. After much debate, and a heart-to-heart with her husband, Molly signs up for All Access.

At first, Molly does nothing--she focuses August on getting her kids ready for school. She signs up for the Back to School Blitz, stocks up for the year, and does a deep dive into her Sunday Basket. She joins the Facebook Group for the All Access, (she was already a member of Organize 365) and starts to network with others in the program. In September, the 100 Day Home Organization Program begins!

Is Molly’s first round perfect? No! Her second round isn’t perfect either! I’m not spinning a fairy tale in this episode--I’m telling you what I have heard from so many of you about your journey with Organize 365 from a disorganized and chaotic home into one full of peace and productivity.


Listen to Episode 239 to get the details about Molly’s own journey and how All Access helped her take back her home. Then, check out my new web site and let me know what you think!

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