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487 – Optional Organizing: Memories & Photos

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
487 - Optional Organizing: Memories & Photos

This is the final week of the series I’ve been doing about the four essential and two optional spaces to organize. Catch up on the rest of the episodes in this series:

  1. Organizing Personal Spaces
  2. Organizing Family & Communal Spaces
  3. Organizing Storage Spaces
  4. Organizing Paper Management
  5. Optional Organizing: Kids

In this final week of the series, I’m talking about the second optional space to organize: memories and photos. Now, I don’t personally believe that this is an optional space to organize for me and my family. It’s kind of a passion of mine!

After you have sorted through the four essential areas of paper — medical, financial, household reference, and household operations — and all of your active papers and projects, you’re still left with a lot of paper that I categorize as memories and photos. What do you do with all of these things?

In this episode, I explain that there are different levels of final organization of memories and photos that you could choose to end at from simple boxes of collated photos to photo albums and binders. I love creating topic-based albums: holidays, vacations, birthdays, etc. I also personally love creating binders and albums because my family is more likely to pull them off the shelf and look at them over items kept in a box. Organizing your memories and photos can be such a source of joy for your family as they look back at the family history you’ve gathered and fun memories from their lives.

In our Saving Your Story Photo Organization Program, I walk you through sorting all of your photos, eliminating duplicates, and creating final albums with those photos.

Is organizing memories and photos optional for you? What is keeping you from organizing this space?

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