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Today I’m answering a reader question, how can you organize two households and one?  This response has been long overdue and I’m happy to go through how you organize combining two households into one.   On the podcast I talk about the…


I am answering a reader question today about how I organize projects.  In this podcast I talk about organizing projects in your Sunday basket.    Organizing projects for your work.    And how I organize my goals.


On the podcast today I’m sharing another heavy topic. There is a reason why the homes of parents of children with special needs are disorganized.    In this podcast I go through the five stages I have observed parents with special needs…


I have been feeling the tug to share my personal experience with depression for quite a while. It may surprise you to hear that I have struggled with depression. I’m a pretty upbeat gal! Well, it surprised me too. In today’s podcast, I share my…


Do you have more to do than time to do it? Here are 10 ways to outsource your household tasks. I am a wife, mother, and business owner. Over the last 20 years I have juggled those three commitments in various ways. And what I’ve come to understand is…


Planning my week on Sunday saves me hours of time each week. These FREE printables will help you save time too! Click here to download your printables: 


My list of “to do’s” to get my kids ready for school grows longer every year. You can download my Back to School and Home Office Supply lists at 

This podcast was originally aired in 2014.  The content of the podcast and show notes have become a part of the Kids School Memory Binder. If you would like to learn more and/or purchase a binder, click .  You can read the original blog…


My cellphones won’t charge, and won’t turn on, yet I still have them. WHY?


How to decide what batteries to keep and where to keep them. Hear Lisa’s funny, or not so funny story about the smoke detectors and the fire chief.

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