510 – What is the Executive Function of Organization of Materials?

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510 - What is the Executive Function of Organization of Materials?

Does it ever feel like you have a two-year-old in your brain talking to you all day reminding you of things you need to do and demanding what to do next? Do you feel like you are playing an adult version of Memory or Go Fish when it comes to your paperwork?

Now that I’ve learned that I have ADHD, I’m ready to dive deeper into this topic of executive function and organization with formal research. Lots of times ADHD can be diagnosed when the person’s executive functions are analyzed. In this episode, I explain the Executive Function of the Organization of Materials.

Did you know most people organize their closets and kitchens first? Why do you think that is? Listen to the full episode to understand.

At Organize 365®, I have designed systems with enough structure to get the job done and with a little wiggle room for customization, because we’re all unique. Here are the rules to keep you on track…

  1. Everything should have a place. True – but you (not Pinterest, not society – you) get to pick that place.
  2. We tend to reorganize about every twenty years due to stages of life and unexpected life events. This is completely NORMAL!
  3. Maintain what is working for you. You only need to implement systems for what is unorganized.
  4. Organization of Materials has an order (think stages of life)
  5. Organization of Materials is about personal rules you create to maintain a sustainable organization.

Through learning the skill of functional organization; you will unlock your time and be able to spend it doing what you are uniquely created to do.


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