486 – Optional Organizing: Kids

Optional organizing kids
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486 - Optional Organizing: Kids

We’ve been talking about essential organizing for the last several podcast episodes. Listen to the rest of the episodes in this series:

  1. Organizing Personal Spaces
  2. Organizing Family & Communal Spaces
  3. Organizing Storage Spaces
  4. Organizing Paper Management

This week, we are transitioning to the first of two optional spaces to organize. The first space is for kids. Organizing anything related to kids is optional! But, if you have kids, I think you do need to organize the things and spaces related to them.

I’ve tried to organize my kids in a way that is Pinterest-worthy but let me tell you, it just doesn’t work. It’s not functional. I have three mindset shifts for you when it comes to organizing kids:

  1. It’s good enough.
  2. Establish how long it takes to achieve good enough.
  3. Remember that organization is a learnable skill, even for your kids.

In this episode, I go deeper into these three thoughts. I also break down the ages and stages of organizing kids and give you tips for each of those stages. Whether you have 0-5-year-olds, 6-12-year-olds, or teens, I have suggestions for not only organizing your kids but also teaching them how to organize themselves!

What do you find hardest about organizing your kids? How are you teaching them to organize for themselves?

Take the next step in organizing your kids with our Kids Program. For your teens and young adults heading out into the world, take a look at our Launching Life Skills Bundle or  Launch Bundle.

Also talked about in this episode:

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