Tanya Angelino

Northampton, Pennsylvania

My name is Tanya Angelino from Northampton, PA and I have been obsessed with organizing for as long as I can remember. I even passed that love down to my daughter who is now 10, who would sort candy, nail polishes and pretty much any product back into the correct spots while I was shopping as early as the age of 3. I also have a 14 year old son who plays travel hockey, leaving me with very little weekend time, which made the Sunday Basket® a necessity for me to have a successful week. With two kids and two dogs, keeping everything together is crucial and I completely relate to a busy life.

After implementing Lisa’s systems of The Productive Home Solution and the Sunday Basket, I can 100% agree that getting organized buys you back exponential time. I just launched my business Organized Chaos With Tanya to bring you a more calm and peaceful life as well, which will have a paper organizing and digital organizing focus. I am so excited to bring the peace and calm I have felt in my life since implementing the Sunday Basket ®and The Paper Solution® 4 Essential Binders to my clients. Follow me on Facebook at @OrganizedChaosWithTanya and www.organizedchaoswithtanya.com. 

Stefanie Ardoin

Hilton Head Island/Bluffton, South Carolina

I am a Registered Health Information Administrator and a Professional Organizer with certifications in Sunday Basket, Paper Solution, and the Friday Workbox. We want to help you go from disorganized, stressed, and unproductive to organized, prepared, and equipped to effectively execute work and home tasks leaving you time and energy to enjoy life.  I specialize in workflows and processes along with digital and paper organizing to help you find the system that works best for you! Get in touch with me so we can begin cleaning up those projects! I am working in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and virtually.

Specializing in: Digital & Email Organizing, Paper Organizing, Medical & Financial Binders, Workflows and Processes, and Business Workboxes

Stefanie is endorsed by Organize 365 as a Paper Solution Certified Organizer. She is trained to assist others to process through the contents of a filing cabinet and keep, shred or recycle the contents per the homeowner's wishes. You can learn more about her services by clicking on her website.

Diane Auten

Oswego, Illinois

As a wife, mother, daughter, business owner, employee, and adult with ADHD, I know what it is like to be buried under paper. I love knowing all the thoughts, papers, and to-do’s that usually race around in my head or get piled in the kitchen, live in the Sunday Basket now. I no longer have to worry I forgot something or where I put a piece of paper. It’s all there in the Sunday Basket. I especially love knowing all the mail and important information is in one place when life gets crazy. One place to put everything and everyone knows where to put papers and where to find them. 

I would love to help you have this freedom and calm too. I can help you set up your own Sunday Basket system to keep your counters and mind clear of all the to-do’s and ideas you have. 

Ready to conquer those piles of paper? As a Paper Solution Certified Organizer, I can take you through the next step of turning your filing cabinet (let’s be real, piles of paper) into a condensed, portable, usable system. Whether it’s taxes, IEPs, 504’s, medical paperwork, bills and receipts, estate planning, photos, recipes, or piles of paper you have no idea what to do with, I’ve got you covered. I can help you to not worry about where to find the important papers when you need them. I can also help you to set up a system to keep your kids' school memories and to celebrate all the holidays and special events with ease and with a lot less stress!

Diane is endorsed by Organize 365 as a Complete All Paper Organizer. She is trained to assist others (in their home or hers) to process through the contents of a filing cabinet and keep, shred or recycle the contents per the homeowner's wishes. You can learn more about her services by clicking on her website.

Deb Bennett

Geneva, Nebraska

l love using the Sunday Basket System in my home and business!  It organizes everything to corral and prioritize the paper that seems to take over my life.  My Sunday Basket helps me plan and accomplish so much more by providing a consistent method to organize my time, bills, projects, and to set goals.  I know where everything is and have been able to finish so many projects that have been ‘on hold’ waiting for retirement!

As a retired teacher, I saw the positive impact that planning and having consistent systems could have upon the lives of those having the same frustrations as I had, so I became a Certified Organizer. I have enjoyed helping others learn to become organized and calming the anxiety caused by the disorder.  Organization is a learnable skill and I would love to help you put order into your busy life with a Sunday Basket, Paper Retreat, or with getting archival paper into organized binders and out of the file drawer!

Specialization: Medical, Financial, Household Binders, and Warrior MAMA Binders

Deb is endorsed by Organize 365 as a Paper Solution Certified Organizer.  She is trained to assist others (in their home or hers) to process through the contents of a filing cabinet to keep, shred, or recycle the contents per the homeowner’s wishes and get it into portable binders that hold nearly all your paper.  You can learn more about her services by clicking on the link below.

Kara Bilbo

Springfield, Virginia

For 20+ years my life as a military spouse and mother of 2 has included 9 moves, 7 states and 3
countries. Each move we’ve managed to turn every house into a HOME regardless of the size or
layout. While my family and I have experienced many amazing places, not every house was
equally as amazing. By thinking outside the box we've managed to comfortably reconfigure and
repurpose our belongings. My experiences and passion to plan makes me authentically qualified
to help others discover order and efficiency is an affordable luxury/reality.

I offer confidential, judgement free home and paper organizing services tailored to optimize your
space, time and lifestyle. Bonus, the physical process of decluttering often results with less
mental clutter too! I enjoy supporting clients as we breakthrough the overwhelm of one season
and begin to flourish.

My goal is to provide encouraging mentorship that empowers clients to capture the momentum
gained from our Move-It Meetings and use their new skillset to proactively maintain their home
and paper during every season of life. Together we will cut clutter and create time!

Tanya Blackburn

Sebring, Florida

With twins in elementary school (but now doing distance learning!), a full-time job outside the home, and working on my degree in my "free time", I knew that I had to find a better way to keep all the papers in my house organized. The Sunday BasketⓇ system has helped me so much by getting the piles of paper clutter off of my horizontal surfaces and into one location so that when I'm ready to deal with them, the papers are ready for me. In less than two weeks I could feel the difference in the way I viewed my household administrative tasks and knew that I had to become a Sunday Basket Workshop Certified Organizer to help other women I know get their paper under control. I can't wait to help you, too!

Angela Bockting

Louisville, Kentucky

In 2018, after my father experienced an unexplained medical emergency, I became his full time caregiver and eventually his legal guardian. With six kids, a full time job, and a seasonal business, life was turned upside down. I was thrown into what Lisa calls the sandwich generation (caring for kids at home and aging parents). The Sunday Basket and all of the advice that I had gleaned from the podcasts over the years were instrumental in getting my paper and my life under control. I feel very passionately about using my journey through the paper piles to help others who find themselves in the sandwich generation, those who find themselves in a caretaker/guardian role, or those who would like to prepare for the unexpected or inevitable. 

As a Paper Solution® Certified Organizer, I am also able to help people in all stages of life purge their unnecessary papers and understand the difference between their active and reference papers. Using that knowledge, we can transform your home, your paper, and your life with the Sunday Basket, Organize 365® 4 Essential Binders, and the Warrior MAMA Binder.

Life is full of surprises, let’s make sure you’re ready.

Jennifer Butler

Round Rock, Texas

Piles and files – they seem never-ending! I have been there myself, weighed down under the paper that continually bombards us: forgotten appointments, missing permission slips, unpaid bills… That is why I am so excited to teach you how to overcome those piles and reduce your paper stress using the Sunday Basket method!

I am also certified as a Paper Solution Certified Organizer, so I can take you through the next step of turning your filing cabinet into a sleek, portable, usable system. Whether it’s taxes, IEPs, self-employment, medical paperwork, or even photos you need organized, I’ve got you covered. Check out House of Order’s upcoming events and sign up for our next local or virtual workshop or retreat. See you soon!

Debbye Cannon

South Jordan, Utah

In the early 1980’s I found myself needing to escape the overwhelm!  I developed and self-published my Organizing Without Agonizing system. Over the past 40+ years, I have taught hundreds of men and women functional organizing.

My passion is helping people who are struggling with juggling to live an “intentional” life.
 During the many “ages and stages” of my life, I’ve gained experience as a military spouse/mom/entrepreneur/direct sales leader/ Girl Scout leader trainer/caregiver/and yes, “Warrior Mama.” If you need a guide who has lived (and survived) wearing any (or all) of these “hats,” I’m here to help.

You can find my Wednesday podcast interview with Lisa by searching DebbyeC in the O365 podcast list.  I currently live near Salt Lake City, UT, and work virtually internationally. Spoiler alert- I am still good friends with clients around the world from 40 years ago.  I can’t wait to meet you and solve your paper & productivity problems!

Megan Carey

Mesa, Arizona

Until recently, I believed that filing cabinets were my best friends.  I could open up my drawers and see everything neatly tucked into a nicely labeled folder.  What I didn’t see was the stacks and stacks of papers from cars, houses, and appliances that I hadn’t owned in years.   Then it hit me…….being organized doesn’t mean that I am being productive in my life.  Enter Organize 365!  The words that stuck with me when I first became a fan of Lisa (aren’t we all?!?) was that she continued to use the phrase, “So you can do what you are uniquely created to do” when referring to the importance of becoming organized.  I believe that with all my heart!  We are all uniquely created to do something in our life.  

So this is what I want to help you achieve in your life:  Productivity!!  So you will then have more time to do the things that you want and were meant to do in this life.   Years of being a social worker and having a masters in counseling have taught me how to help people work through some tough times.  Organizing your life and especially going through all the paper in your home will bring up different emotions but we will walk through it together and have so much fun doing it!  It may not be easy at times, but it will be worth your time and effort you put into it.  

I can’t wait to start on your journey with you.  Check out No More Mess in Mesa’s upcoming classes involving ways to organize paper in all different aspects of your life!

Specialization:  Sunday Baskets® and Home Operational Binder