Chris Bunning

Vernon Hills, Illinois

As an active mother of 3 who has always tried to keep things organized, the Sunday Basket was
a game-changer that took my home organization to the next level. While the hectic pace of kids'
activities, a part-time job, and various other family/community commitments try to throw me off
balance, my work with the Sunday Basket keeps me organized and in control of our household.
I particularly like the way I’ve learned to prioritize the things that matter most to me, plan my
week, and organize all of our paperwork so everything is easy to find. My Sunday Basket habits
allow me to enter each week excited as I know things will be accomplished, I’m working toward
my goals and can adjust to whatever life throws my way.

If you think you are too busy to start a new system or habit - you are the perfect person to start
the Sunday Basket System - you will wish you started it sooner. I’d love to help you get started.

Sandy Burr

Palmdale, California

I learned how to be “squared away” during my 20 years in the Air Force. Being a leader and manager in many different office settings allowed me to refine my organizational skills with paper and managing projects. My various positions in the public affairs career field and experience as an executive officer for commanders, taught me how to be accountable and productive so I could meet deadlines.

After retiring from the Air Force and becoming a full-time mom of twins, my life was continually changing and I had to keep up. Raising twins requires its own organizational structure. When I discovered the Sunday Basket® system in 2021, our family was changing once again as our kids were becoming young adults getting ready to go to college, and my husband and I were looking ahead to becoming empty nesters very soon. But, I needed a way to get our house organized and my paper piles under control as we were facing this next stage of life. Another challenge I faced at the same time, was becoming part of the sandwich generation as my parents needed assistance in transitioning to a senior community that would meet their needs. This is how my business was born.

Becoming a Sunday Basket® Workshop Certified Organizer became the answer to getting my paper and house organized. Teaching others how to get squared away with their paper and become more productive became my passion.

My additional certifications as a Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer™, Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner™, Ultimate Feng Shui Specialist™, and UltimateStager™, round out the skills I now bring to my clients. I am excited to share the Sunday Basket® system and a whole lot more with you!

Jennifer Klein

Manvel, Texas

Before finding Lisa and Organize 365, I was using the Laundry Basket system.  That’s when you have piles of papers and then you stash everything in a laundry basket when company is coming over.  Before you know it, you have multiple laundry baskets and you don’t know where anything is, and worse yet you let deadlines pass on actionable papers.  Having high school-aged kids and trying to keep up with all their activities and work (especially with virtual school during the pandemic) did not help the situation.


If you are struggling to keep up with your mail, paper, tasks, and too many thoughts in your head, let me help you set up a Sunday Basket.  It’s a “safe place” where you can keep everything organized and can easily find it again.  Systems are only good if you actually use them.  I would love to help you figure out how to apply the Sunday Basket to your life and situation.

Lorri Landon

Kirksville, Missouri

Hello! I’m Lorri and I make my home in northeast Missouri these days. Maybe you can relate to the times in life when juggling family, work, a household, or whatever your passions are and the paperwork that comes with each of those areas has seemed overwhelming. Spending time searching for a permission slip or needed paper and trying to keeping track of bills to be paid in piles of paper throughout the house impacts us more than we realize. Our body, mind, and spirit all suffer from the chaos. The good news is that small steps make a big difference, as I have learned through the Sunday Basket system. Making it a regular part of my weekly routine has helped me to regain a sense of control over the paper and make time for those areas of life that are truly important to me and my family.

You are not alone on the journey toward a more peaceful and organized life. As a former teacher and current parent of teens, I love helping people reach their potential. My studies in grief work and spiritual direction have shown me that learning to let go in a healthy way allows us to move forward- holding on to the memories that matter and making room for dreams and passions. Through online and in-person Sunday Basket workshops, small group work sessions, and one-on-one paper workshops, I will help lead you to a more peaceful and organized life. Start your journey with me.

Nicole Mannino

Westfield, New Jersey
Productivity, time-management, and organizing spaces to be as functional as possible are my passions. I'm a professional organizer, and mom of 2 in NJ, who has spent many years in the corporate world, while managing to navigate the complexities of work/life balance. I specialize in working with busy women who need to juggle lots of responsibilities. As a wife and mom of 2 girls, I understand that women need more support and my mission is to help create those opportunities.
I love the Sunday Basket, because it's the perfect balance of getting things done and working in community with other women. Managing work, motherhood, and your home & family life can be difficult and sometimes isolating, but the Sunday Basket allows women to come together, accomplish their goals and share ideas with each other every week. There's nothing more satisfying than sharing your weekly wins with a community that really gets you!

Shannon Parker

Boston, Massachusetts

In my married life, I found that when we had our son, things were coming into the house faster than I could declutter. I looked for more help to get my home reorganized. Finding Lisa and Organize 365® helped me in the stage of sorting through my backlog and current papers coming in, decide what papers I needed, where to keep them at hand and a system to plan for action on those. It became a higher priority for me after my parents passed and I saw all the paperwork they left behind and determined to catch up and keep up with my own. 

Let me help you work through sorting papers for whatever season of life you’re in. I would love to help teach you the Sunday Basket system. 

I personally have used mine to manage my home, steer a search for a new school for my son (he is now successfully enrolled in a new school), plan and enjoy holidays and summers, and for managing my Moms in Prayer ministry work. 

Lisa Piana

Mission Viejo, California

Hey there Mama!  I’m Lisa, and I specialize in organizing solutions for Moms with ADHD.  The Sunday Basket is not just a tool for organizing your papers it’s also a container and organizer for all of the ideas, thoughts, and “to-dos'' that are bouncing around like popcorn in your head.  The Sunday Basket is your external brain!  As a mom with ADHD myself, I can tell you The Sunday Basket is a lifesaver.  I am no longer living in “crisis mode” - no more missed bills, lost forms, or forgotten ideas!

I host Sunday Basket workshops specifically for moms with ADHD.  You will learn how to set up your Sunday Basket and use this fabulous tool to reduce decision fatigue, prioritize your tasks, and plan your week in a way that works for your unique brain!

Schedule your workshop by clicking the “View Website” button below. I can’t wait to meet you!

Aimee Sebestyen

Charlotte, North Carolina

At Sage Organizing Co., our team of trained paper-organizing professionals will help you deal with the overwhelming amount of paper that comes through your doors. It can be a challenge to sort through the piles of paper, file them accordingly, and accomplish the tasks you have to get done. Thankfully, we've got a solution for you that is easy to maintain and WORKS: It's called the Sunday Basket System. 

We help women and families from all walks of life. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, a business professional, an entrepreneur, or a caretaker of a loved one-- you've got a lot on your plate. Sage Organizing professional organizers will help you become your most efficient, productive, and confident at home. Our process prioritizes making sure you feel comfortable with the organizing methods so you can easily maintain what we set up.

Sage Organizing offers paper organization, Sunday Basket® expertise, and home + task management and organization. We can't wait to help you get started on your path to a home of order and peace!

Wendy Walker

Hemet, California

I love the Sunday Basket system! I now Have one place for all of my to dos, bills to pay or ideas I have. I also love the fact that I can tell my husband or daughter where to go to get a specific paper they need without having to be there. I am no longer wasting time searching for papers I need or forgetting to do things that need to be done. It has changed the paper part of my life! I would love to help you get your paper organized and your Sunday Basket started.